​49th Fund

Are your business plans, organization, market strategies, and financial plans ready to compete against national and global market players?

The 49th Fund appreciates companies that recognize they need more than capital to 
grow, and are looking for partners like us who can add value and accelerate their business expansion.  We can help you find the resources and skills to move your business forward.

At the 49th Fund we can help you determine answers for your business and your market, questions like:

  • How do you select your initial and later-stage target customers and what is your compelling value proposition?
  • How can you recruit and motivate critical talent â€“ executive, operational, technical, sales & marketing – especially if you don't yet have the cash flow to pay for the skills you need?
  • How do you ramp-up production to meet expected demand with an efficient and nimble supply chain?  
  • How do you establish cost-effective marketing and distribution channels?

 There are few companies that can generate the funds to self-finance the above challenges.  We work with our business partners to:

  • Model and schedule key expenditures for next-stage expansion,
  • Plan cash flows to minimize the risk of your business expansion, and
  • Coordinate any expansion of debt and/or equity rights so it is fair to you the business owner, motivates new executive talent, and attracts necessary capital for current and future financing.

When we invest, we become a partner to your business. If you are interested in starting a discussion, please take the next step and contact us.