Do you have a vision of capturing a bigger market with your products and services?

Do you have plans to expand across the 49th State?  Nationwide?

Have you ever thought of working with partners to help realize your plans?

The 49th Fund is ready to invest in companies contributing to the economy of Anchorage and Alaska, that are seeking new capital.

At the 49th Fund, LLC, we invest in local companies that are already contributing to the Alaska economy and community and are ready to take the next step to grow.  We support local entrepreneurs who are planning their next phase of development in Anchorage, throughout Alaska and even beyond.  We bring local expertise and extensive connections to help our partners with financing and much more – to help you capture a market and achieve your dreams.

Some examples of industries where we believe we bring value include: 

  • Manufacturing
  • Energy supply
  • Outdoor products
  • Innovative technology products and services
  • Food production
  • Products and services that replace higher-cost imports into Alaska

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What does "Companies Poised for Growth" mean to the 49th Fund?  We are looking for companies that have growth aspirations well beyond their current level of operations.

If your company's goal is to be nationally and globally competitive - even if you only compete locally today - and you wish to double your company's value within five years, then contact us.

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